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Mexican UAP Hearings: Skepticism Surrounds Claims of Mummified Alien Bodies

In a momentous event that had UFO enthusiasts worldwide rejoicing, Mexico City became the epicenter of extraterrestrial intrigue. The Mexican Congress, an unexpected venue, witnessed the unveiling of two alleged alien corpses, a spectacle orchestrated by journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan.

The Unveiling of the Enigmatic Skeletal Remains

Amidst an atmosphere of anticipation, the two small "non-human" corpses were presented within transparent display boxes, allowing all in attendance to gaze upon these enigmatic remains. These diminutive mummified specimens, unearthed in Cusco, Peru, are believed to have an astonishing age of one thousand years. This unveiling was a collaborative effort, featuring prominent scientists and notable figures like Ryan Graves, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace and a former U.S. Navy pilot.

Maussan's Moment Under Oath

Taking the solemnity of the occasion to heart, Jaime Maussan addressed not only the members of the Mexican government but also representatives from the United States. In a bold declaration, he laid out his findings and assertions regarding the UFO specimens. Maussan assured the audience that these specimens had undergone recent scientific scrutiny at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), where researchers had successfully extracted DNA evidence through radiocarbon dating.

Jaime Maussan

The Debate Over Authenticity

The disclosure of these skeletal remains, often touted as "alien bodies" by the public, has not been without controversy. Skeptics have raised valid questions about the authenticity of the evidence presented at the Mexican UAP hearing. Some are convinced that these remains are of extraterrestrial origin, while others remain dubious.

Maussan's statements were nothing short of astonishing. He asserted, "These specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution." With conviction, he dismissed the notion that these beings had been discovered in the aftermath of a UFO crash. Instead, he revealed the remarkable circumstances of their discovery, explaining, "They were found in diatom (algae) mines and were later fossilized."

The implications of Maussan's claims are profound, challenging the very foundations of our understanding of human evolution and our place in the universe. The assertion that these beings are not a product of Earth's evolutionary processes raises profound questions about the nature of life itself.

Scientific Interest and the Nazca Connection

It's essential to note that the skeletal remains displayed at the Mexican UAP hearing are believed to belong to the mummies discovered in the town of Nazca, Peru, in 2017. A team of Russian researchers claimed that the DNA of these mummies was "different." While these mummies share certain human-like physical characteristics, such as two arms, eyes, and a head, they also possess distinct traits, including three fingers and elongated necks.

Below are images from the hearing, posted on Reddit.

The Origin Debate

The origins of these Nazca mummies are hotly contested. Russian scientists speculated that they might belong to an ancient race that achieved a level of advancement thousands of years earlier than humanity, possibly even having extraterrestrial connections. However, the World Congress on Mummy Studies refuted these claims, labeling them as "fraud."


The Mexican UAP hearing and the presentation of the skeletal remains of enigmatic beings have thrust the topic of extraterrestrial life and ancient civilizations back into the spotlight. The DNA evidence provided is open to the public, something that hasnt been done before and is a huge stride to verifying authenticity.

While some fervently believe that these remains are evidence of alien encounters, others remain cautious, citing skepticism and concerns about authenticity. Regardless of the outcome, this debate will likely continue to captivate the imaginations of people worldwide, as we grapple with the mysteries of our world and the universe beyond.

Jaimie Maussan's YouTube Page

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