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What are Dark Money projects?

Dark money is a term used to describe undisclosed funding that is used to develop weapons and technology for military applications. This type of spending can have a significant impact on national security and the international balance of power. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of dark money projects for weapons and technology development, including their implications and some examples of such projects.

What are Dark Money Projects?

Dark money projects are essentially weapons and technology development projects that are funded by undisclosed sources. These sources may include individuals, corporations, or other organizations that have an interest in the outcome of the project. Dark money projects are particularly concerning because they can give undue influence on those who are funding the project, without the public being aware of who is behind the funding.

In the realm of military applications, dark money projects are particularly concerning due to the potential for the development of advanced weapons and technology that may tip the balance of power in favor of certain countries or organizations. The lack of transparency in these projects can make it difficult to assess their true value and impact and can lead to concerns about corruption and conflicts of interest.

Implications of Dark Money Projects.

There are several implications of dark money projects in weapons and technology development that are cause for concern. One of the most significant is the potential for international instability. When weapons and technology are developed with undisclosed funding, it can be difficult to know whether the decisions made about the project are being influenced by those sources. This can create a situation in which the public interest is not being served, and instead, the interests of the funders are being prioritized, leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

Another implication of dark money projects in weapons and technology development is that they can create an uneven playing field in the global balance of power. When certain countries or organizations have access to vast amounts of undisclosed funding, they can have a significant advantage over those who do not. This can make it difficult for other countries or organizations to compete effectively, which can undermine international security.

Examples of Dark Money Projects.

There have been several notable examples of dark money projects in weapons and technology development. One example is the development of advanced drone technology by non-state actors. These groups have been able to develop drones with advanced capabilities, such as long-range flight and sophisticated targeting systems, with funding from undisclosed sources.

Another example of a dark money project in weapons and technology development is the development of advanced cyber warfare tools. It has been reported that certain countries and organizations have been able to develop highly sophisticated cyber warfare capabilities, which have been used to carry out attacks on other countries and organizations. The funding for these projects is often undisclosed, making it difficult to know who is behind the attacks.

Many examples of Dark Money projects are classified and in line with Special Access Programs (SAP). One of the most Notable examples would be the supposed TR-3B triangle-shaped aircraft that has been purportedly created as an advanced stealth craft. Dark Money projects often cross out of the realm of military creation and are placed in the hands of private organizations making their discovery by FOIA impossible.


Dark money projects in weapons and technology development are a significant concern, particularly in the context of national security and international stability. The lack of transparency in these projects can create opportunities for corruption and can undermine global security. It is essential that there is greater transparency and oversight in these projects to ensure that they serve the public interest and are not unduly influenced by those with undisclosed funding. As citizens, we must remain informed about these issues and hold our governments accountable for creating a fair and transparent global security landscape.

- Aaron - the Not Top Secret podcast team

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